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Timberland Women Uk benefits to that firm from the

Timberland Women Uk

We review our recent work toward designing large mode area fibers for high power applications. We show that appropriately designed doped multimode fibers can be used to provide Timberland Sale Uk Boots robust single-mode output when used in fiber laser cavities. Single-mode (SM) fiber mode field diameters of ∼ 35 μm are demonstrated with record SM pulse energies of 0.5 mJ at 1550 nm with a repetition rate of 200 Hz. Energies approaching Timberland Women Uk 1 mJ are obtained with a slight compromise in mode quality. A modification in the laser cavity results in a passively modelocked laser giving femtosecond pulses with nanojoule energies. This study analyzes 120 university–industry technology transfer projects. A significant positive relationship was found between the learning activities performed by the firm during the development and implementation stages of the technology transfer project and the benefits to that firm from the project. In contrast, prior knowledge of the firm about the existing technology was found to have only a marginal contribution to the project benefits. However, further exploratory analysis based on high and low levels of technical and organizational uncertainty revealed more provocative relationships.