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The known algorithms invert an n × n Toeplitz matrix in sequential arithmetic time O(n log2n), but their parallel time is not better than linear in n. We present a weakly numerically stable algorithm that numerically inverts an n × n well-conditioned Toeplitz matrix A in sequential time O(n log4n log log n) or in parallel time of O(log3n) using O(n log n log log n) processors. The algorithm keeps all its advantages being applied to Buy Timberland Boots Cheap the inversion of Toeplitzlike matrices, having smaller displacement ranks (which makes it applicable to pseudo-inversion of Toeplitzlike matrices of full rank). We investigate the extended thermodynamic properties of higher-dimensional Taub–NUT/Bolt–AdS spaces where a cosmological constant is treated as a pressure. We find a general form for thermodynamic volumes of Taub–NUT/Bolt–AdS black holes for arbitrary dimensions. Interestingly, it is found that Timberland Boots Women Uk the Taub–NUT–AdS metric has a thermodynamically stable range when the total number of dimensions is a multiple of 4 (4, 8, 12, …). We also explore their phase structure and find the first order phase transition holds for higher-dimensional cases.